A Way Forward: Revolution + Empathy

I would say that change is in order but “change” is too small of a word. What we need is a revolution. The topsy-turvy force of love, led by the Spirit as Captain, with a telos towards justice, is knocking on the doors of our hearts waiting for us to open, receive our subversive instruction, and engage in our individual and communal mission. While revolution is paramount, so is the need for humility, empathy, and understanding.

Let this sobering reality sink in and marinate for a while—we were all a womb away from a different life trajectory. By circumstances that would be outside of our control, we could have had: a different world, God, and people view; a different color skin; a different personality; a distinct set of habitual practices; a different native tongue and homeland; a life of luxury or life of poverty; a life filled with prejudice and oppression or a life full of love, validation, and affirmation; a life full of peace or life full of violence; a life in a mental hospital or an esteemed life with a career teaching all things biological or philosophical. Think about the person which you despise, hate, judge, or condemn, and think to yourself, “that could have been me.”