If the aim of the both the psychotherapist and client or the pastor and congregant is primarily towards “peace” and “wholeness” at the end of the psychotherapeutic or discipling journey, than the end result is pure madness.

For one can only be mad, or mentally ill, if they claim they are currently at peace. To reach a state of unwavering peace is to delusionally detach oneself from the rest of the world. For a person not to be struck with dis-ease and anguish at the horrid oppression, subjugation, starvation and murderous annihilation of countless brothers and sisters, whose blood-curdling screams cry out from both haunted graves and barren and battered lands of the living dead, is to epitomize madness. Only the truly mad will say in a world full of wretched evil, “All is well”.

Beware when you feel perpetually at peace and no longer “groan inwardly” (Romans 8:22-23) as it is a sure sign of madness.

Let us weep. Let us wail. Let us protest. Let us pray.