After a devastating breakup, many people are left heartbroken, lonely, confused, even devoid of hope. Science proves that the grief of losing a romantic partner is similar to grieving a loved one’s death. Yet, too often, friends, family, and church leaders see these breakups as trivial events. So how do we find our way through the uncharted territory of deep grief?

As a therapist, Mark Karris sees the devastation of heartbreak every day. He’s experienced the anguish of heartbreak himself and he knows that the pain is anything but trivial.

Drawing from cutting-edge neuroscience and liberating spiritual wisdom, Season of Heartbreak moves past platitudes and into action, offering hope for true recovery. Mark pulls from a variety of spiritual practices, including contemplative meditation, journaling, self-compassion, an original four-step transformational practice, and much more. Case studies from real clients prove that it is possible to move past the shame, anger, and hurt–and into secure relationships with ourselves and others.

Mark writes in a compelling, creative, and compassionate style perfect for a right-brained, metaphor-hungry, and spiritually thirsty generation. Optimistic but never condescending, this is an invaluable guidebook to a healthy, healing grief process.


“This resource is practical and insightful and offers hope to those who are often forgotten with a painful loss. This is a much-needed book and will touch the lives of many.”

H. Norman Wright

Grief and trauma therapist, and author of ninety books Love

“Heartbreak. Loss. Grief. Healing. Mark Karris is simply masterful in Season of Heartbreak.”

Tim Clinton

President of AACC

“Mark Karris’s Season of Heartbreak integrates the best of pastoral wisdom and clinical insights to craft a powerful and timely resource for those whose hearts ache after a painful breakup.”

Archibald D. Hart

Author of thirty-three books, and dean emeritus and senior professor of psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Microsoft

“Mark Karris has been through the painful terrain of heartbreak and helped many others through it. Beautifully weaving together biblical truths and contemporary science, Season of Heartbreak will help you make sense of your experience and guide you through hands-on practices for moving through heartbreak to hope and healing.”

Todd W. Hall

Coauthor of Psychology in the Spirit, professor of psychology and director of the Institute for Research on Psychology and Spirituality, Biola University

“Integrating faith, clinical research, and helpful tools, Karris provides the compassion, hope, and grace that you need to mend your broken heart.”

Kim Fredrickson

Licensed marriage and family therapist, and author of Give Yourself a Break: Turning Your Inner Critic into a Compassionate Friend

“In my work as a spiritual director and friend to people experiencing a painful faith deconstruction, I am always grateful for material that helps give language and hope for the messy and beautiful road to greater freedom in our faith. Mark Karris is right–the numbers are legion–and so many are seeking tools and guides to not just survive but thrive. Religious Refugees will help readers not only find themselves in the story but also offers what so many are seeking–tangible and accessible ways forward.”

Kathy Escobar

Co-pastor of The Refuge, and author of Practicing: Changing Yourself to Change the World and Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe is Coming Apart

“A superb resource filled with real-life examples, deep insights, masterful metaphors, powerful practices, and contemporary research that will absolutely benefit you.

Susan Mead

Author of Dance with Jesus: From Grief to Grace

“Season of Heartbreak is a much-needed travel companion for those of us seeking comfort and sanity after our heart has been broken in circumstances beyond our control. . . . Mark reminds us that a broken heart is meant to be tended to, that we were created to love and be loved, and that this wild, messy journey of human relationships is one of the greatest ways God leads us home.”

Beth Allen Slevcove

Spiritual director and author of Broken Hallelujahs: Learning to Grieve the Big and Small Losses of Life

“Mark helps us learn to walk through grief so we can be, even in the pain, fully alive.”

Joshua Straub

Cofounder and president of The Connextion Group, coauthor of God Attachment, and author of Safe House

“With a compassionate tone and pastoral heart, Mark walks us through what can be expected in seasons of grief, and how to process these powerful emotions so that the outcome is a stronger heart and more insightful life. Many Christians struggling with the derailing pain of loss will find this a helpful guide on their dark path.”

Marc Alan Schelske

Pastor and author of The Wisdom of Your Heart: Discovering the God-Given Purpose and Power of Your Emotions,

“In this book, Mark thoughtfully, purposefully, and vulnerably uses his unique perspective to help all of us take steps forward toward a deeper life of hope and freedom.”

Shawn Kennedy

Pastor and author of Kingdom Come: A Gospel-Centered Guide to Discipleship

“Season of Heartbreak gently guides you through the darkness of grief and suffering while providing a step-by-step road map to health. With solid biblical underpinnings and supportive therapeutic research, Mark Karris’s insights are well worth your investment. You’ll come to know healing from the true Master of relationships: Jesus Christ.”

Donald W. Welch

PhD, LMFT, president, founder, and CEO of Enriching Relationships, Inc.

“I strongly recommend the passion, truth, and healing power of Jesus that flows through Season of Heartbreak. This book will expand the kingdom of God in your life.”

Ronald Walborn

Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary and creator of the Personal Spiritual Formation DVD curriculum, 180 Media Group

“Mark Karris, with a wonderfully pastoral heart and keen clinical mind, has written a heartfelt book that encapsulates both sound theology and cutting-edge psychology in a rich and practical way. Season of Heartbreak is destined to help countless heartbroken Christians grieve well.”

Kathryn de Bruin

CEO of Kathryn de Bruin Family Therapy and Training, and certified emotionally focused therapy trainer and supervisor

“Experiencing loss is one of life’s inevitable realities. . . . Mark Karris shows us a way forward that offers the kind of healing we all long for.”

Rich Villodas

Lead pastor of New Life Fellowship Church


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